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Alejano is Against Death Penalty And Accuses President Rodrigo Duterte As An Oligarch - NewspaperPH

Rep. Alejano became very emotional and mad after their complaint to impeach president Rodrigo Duterte had been put to trash. He said that he is against the capital punishment in the Philippines, using the poor Filipinos as an examples to be most likely the victims of extrajudicial killings. He also accused President Rodrigo Duterte as an oligarch in the country, having a billion of pesos in his bank account which seems a big question mark for everyone as it does not prove anything and purely called a hearsay. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "I don't think Mr. Alejano represents his people but only goes to show for the money. What are his motives to impeach the president? I don't think it's all about EJKs, but simply based on his statement about losing his power as a representative for his people." 

Alejano has been very vocal against the president that he is a murderer, killing thousands of Filipinos during his term. He is also afraid that President Duterte will become a dictator like former President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. 

The question of many Filipinos to Mr. Alejano, if you are really a true public servant, why did you talk only now wherein the problem of illegal drugs during the past administrations have become rampant across the country? 

It has been said all over social media that the intention of Alejano is to bring chaos in the country, using the poor who are the only victims of extrajudicial killings. But the truth is, they have been planning to oust the president since at the very beginning of his office. Duterte gives hope for the poor and victims of injustices in the past. HE IS FOR A REAL CHANGE!

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