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A mother’s love is special because of the bond she has with her children that is formed naturally. This is unconditional love beyond what words can describe. It’s a love formed because mom and the child are one.

A mother’s love is something that can be seen, it needs no words. It’s a love that’s forever binding regardless of what happens. Watching a mother care for her child is so beautiful and this isn’t limited to humans. Mom loves from instincts, it’s love that occurs naturally from the Universe. Watching a mother take care of her child is the love that everyone should have for each other. This love is the same love that the Universe has for each and everyone of us. A mother loves all her children the same as the Universe loves us all the same. Mom doesn’t see color and never puts conditions on her love, she just loves. If we are to survive as a species we will need to go beyond the limits of the mind and see how to love unconditionally. We’ll need to observe how a mother loves and mimic that with all humanity.

A mother’s love never wavers, there may be disappointment in her heart at times, but that’s only because she wants what’s best and it’s the love in her heart crying out. Mankind is on a course of self destructing and it’s because of the lack of love in their heart. If it’s not seen how the Universe is our mother and we are all brothers and sisters, our separation will be the end of us. Mom is always there for us as is the Universe, but unfortunately we are given enough rope to hang ourselves and that’s exactly what we as a species are doing. Watch a mother give birth and see the sparkle in her eyes, it’s the same sparkle that the Universe has for all humanity. This sparkle arises because there’s no thought of herself, the child born is just an extension of herself; they are as one. Only when we all see each other in the same way will we as a species turn our attention to loving each other unconditionally, seeing the sparkle of oneness in each other’s eyes.

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